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Thea Mumford  14/10/14 (Facebook)

Just want to say a BIG thank you. After the bond between my buns broke following a weekend at a bunny boarding place, I was at my wits end after trying so many standard methods. Someone on the bunny-hoppers-retreat page recommended Pet Remedy. I got the spray and the plug-in version. Initially leaving them apart for 2 weeks to heal from their wounds (that’s how bad they were fighting) and put them together after spraying some pet remedy around. They have been together ever since! They didn’t fight once. So I have no idea how this product works, but it works! HIGHLY recommend it!

Lisa Newton 14/10/14 (Facebook)

OMG – Pet Remedy

I told you about the lovely rabbit I was looking after that was very tricky to catch, very uneasy – almost terrified. In all the hundreds of beautiful rabbits I’ve looked after this was a worse case. I know I have a calming effect on rabbits but sadly not Ginger!

This morning I popped some Pet Remedy on my hands and managed to easily stroke Ginger and easily pick him up – hum interesting I thought! However being the sceptical soul I am but knowing Ginger was due to go home this morning I waited for the owners and explained what I’d been up to yesterday at the RWFA Conference and the lovely informative chats we’d had on and off all day. The owners were very happy for me to test Pet Remedy again and see how easy it was for me to pick Ginger up. They watched with baited breathe and to all our astonishment Ginger was calm, none aggressive and I would honestly say content. Suffice to say I gave the Pet Remedy sample to Gingers owners.

I am so glad I actually opened my mind and took on board all the information you gave me. It’s going to be a great help for Ginger and his owners too!


Lisa Newton

‪Barks & Bunnies 02/10/14 (Facebook)

Pet Remedy really is great, we know several dogs and bunnies it has helped (including our own!) Lots of customers have given us excellent feedback too

Nicola ‘Keay’ Roberts 01/07/14 (Facebook)

I own and run Crumpets Small Animal Boarding in London which boards rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas, degus, hamsters, gerbils, budgies and pygmy hedgehogs. Our main aim is to reduce stress as much as possible and offer a stimulating and fun environment. Since I discovered Pet Remedy (@2yrs ago) I have noticed that guests settle in quicker, have a more enjoyable stay and we have had less cases of stress related conditions such as gut stasis and pasturella flares. I have found their customer service invaluable and can recommend without reservation Pet Remedy, not only is it great to use in a different environment but many of my clients now use it in spray form on their pets carriers to help reduce stress levels when travelling.

Jo Hinde  20/08/13 (Facebook)

I strongly recommend this product to anyone with rabbits! It is great for use at many different stressful times like bonding, holidays, house guests, fireworks and vet visits. The spray is water based so can be applied in small amounts direct to the animals fur to help with scent swapping (for bonding) as well as being in the atmosphere. I look forward to the new battery spray as this will be great for people with outdoor bunnies that cannot use a plug in diffuser. Well done Pet Remedy for coming up wit a product that helps rabbits – even though they are the 3rd most popular pet in the UK they are the number 1 most neglected :o(

Emily Hauth   02/03/13   (Facebook)

We saw you at the burgess small animal show. The pet remedy has made a big difference to are biggest bunny, in that his fur is growing back on his neck!!

 Anita Goddard (BVSc & AH, MVM, Cert VA, Cert SAS, MRCVS) Plunketts (CVS ltd) Ramsgate 10/12/12


Dear Martyn

 It was good to see you at London Vet Show and I am very happy to endorse the efficacy of your product ‘Pet Remedy’ spray in writing.

In June of this year, Pet Remedy spray replaced DAP and Feliway spray in our practice, much to my dismay. I had very good results with the above and was reluctant to change products. I was sceptical about using a single product to calm different species and was not at all happy with the change. However, much to my surprise I found that Pet Remedy worked exceedingly well in calming not only anxious dogs and cats but rabbits too. It has been really nice not to have to go hunting for the species specific spray anymore as invariably there was only Feliway at hand when I was dealing with a terrified dog or visa versa with cats.

I have found Pet Remedy spray most effective in calming anxious nervous pets and clients often remark on how well their pets are behaving in the consulting room, as a result of it.

With Thanks

Shelley Tyler  01/11/12 (Facebook)

Thanks to Pet Remedy, we now have a very relaxed house rabbit!

He used to be really nervous and chewed everything in sight!…. We know that Pet Remedy works on Dogs & Cats, so thought it would be worth a try on a Rabbit….. Amazing!!… we put a plug-in in the room where he spends most time and within a few days he seemed much calmer and isn’t chewing the furniture anymore!

He also didn’t like his bedding being changed and used to get quite angry, thumping his feet when we changed it…. Now we just use the Pet Remedy Calming Spray around his bedding area when changing and he doesn’t seem to mind now.

All in all one happy relaxed bunny…. Thank you Pet Remedy!

Rosie Gillies  07/07/12  (Facebook)

I have used the pet diffuser near my rabbit i have just adopted (1year old female netherland dwarf) as she seemed quite territorial of her belonging (lunging when i took her bowl to refill etc) . She is now allot calmer and lets me pick her up, after some grumbling, but hasnt made her completely zombie which is great because her cheeky personality is beginning to come out now she is used to her new surroundings

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