Natural de-stress & calming solution for pets

Other Mammals

Other Mammals

Brilliant product! Had to buy this ‘in an emergency’ some months ago as I was getting desperate to try anything to help a new cat settle with my existing two – and had tried everything else. Myself and a few friends have the ‘difficult to home’ rescues – the ones that no one else would take due to their behaviour so it is always a slower process than normal to get these pets really settled. This seemed to be the first product that has actually helped. After the experience with my ‘new cat’ introductions I have used it with friends who have dogs who are nervous around Bonfire Night, with stressed rabbits, with another friend who’s dog gets too excited about everything! That particular dog would be a nightmare if I was in the car with them – she would clamber all over me for how ever long the journey was – so I’d regularly have an hour or so of being trampled (which was not just unpleasant but also dangerous). The first time I used it on her I just sprayed some on a flannel and as soon as she started just gave her the flannel to tug at (in stead of my clothes) and it worked like a charm – within seconds she was already calmer and in under 5 minutes she was the most relaxed in the car that she had ever been. Since then I won’t be around any ‘skittish’ animals without having this product handy as it really does work and makes situations a lot less stressful for them. It has a very ‘unusual’ aroma – which can take a bit of getting used to – but it just smells ‘natural’ – sort of strangely herbal (which I find much better than synthetic chemicals of some others.) I am so confident in this product that on this occasion I have bought multiple bottles so that other friends with problem pets can use this too. It really has helped every pet – cat, dog or rabbit – that I have used it on.

GBJ 06/20/17

We love Pet Remedy at Fluffy Retreat Ferret Rescue! It helps so much when we take in ferrets to the rescue, especially if they have been straying and feel unsafe. We also use it during first playtimes as it can be really scary for the ferrets coming in to the house for the first time, especially if they’ve never been allowed out of their cages in their previous homes. Many have never been played with before and find it all a little overwhelming but the spray helps, although it’s not just the ferret it helps! I find it calms me too, allowing me to work with them better and be a calming influence too.

Pamela Weaver 04/11/17

We have 3 rescue cats, 3 rescue dogs and two rats the diffence in them all is amazing

Sarah Cockburn 04/02/17

Martyn was sooo helpful with his advice and after rubbing pet remedy in the corners of the vivarium they calm down instantly. Thank you!

Talia 04/02/17

I use this for my snake and it works very well, she is so much calmer these days

Robyn Fiddes 03/17/17

I really can’t recommend Martyn, his team and Pet Remedy enough. We always use a plug in if stressful situations are ahead of us (fireworks etc) and recently used the spray to help our dogs cope with a 2000 mile road trip and to settle into their new home in Bulgaria. I now always carry a small spray with me.
Martyn has also very kindly donated some items to our new auction group which will be launched in March (BAD Auction – details to follow) to help the abandoned dogs in Bulgaria, those that are street dogs and those that are in pounds and rescues.
Martyn and his team always, without a doubt, put the health of pets right at the top of their list and never ever fail them.
Thank you Pet Remedy xxx

Sharon Jones 01/17/17

I’ve never used it personally but know people who have/do and they say it’s very effective and more cost afforable than adaptil/feliway and this can be used on reptiles unlike the aforementioned products

Suzanne Ormand 11/30/16

I have! I have used it with one of my friends hamsters which was very nervous and I did help! I would like to get some for myself as my reptile is a bit nervous around me so I would like to try it!

Samantha Gilbert-Morris 11/30/16

I have be using the spray for many of my animals (dogs, cats and ferrets). I have a very anxious dog in the car, during fireworks and when meeting other dogs. I spray it onto her bandana, in the room and in the car. I have found it has made a big difference with her behaviour. The car has become very exciting and so has meeting other dogs.

Danielle Bates 11/30/16

Yes I use the plug ins for my 10 cats and 5 snakes, brilliant product chilled kitties out no end and stopped stress urinating xx

Kerry Taylor 11/30/16

Pet remedy is brilliant, I’ve used it with animals from dogs and cats, to bearded dragons and hedgehogs. It seems to work on them all, and the local rescue centre are getting through dozens of bottles and plug ins.
Don’t expect a 100% calming effect immediately, nothing works that well, but it should at least take the edge off. With bonfire night coming up, it’s best to start dosing the house and especially your pet’s bed/crate/room a week beforehand to get the best effect.

Kiren Amazon 11/02/16

We had a ferret socializing appointment booked in on Saturday morning and we used our Pet Remedy spray here to calm the situation. We sprayed it in our socialising pen and around housing to calm any tensions. The ferret in question had not, for all we knew, met another ferret before. But being a youngster, and boisterous, we deemed it important to find her a friend as ferrets are very social pets and tend to have behavioural problems if kept on their own. It is only fair if their owners go out to work / school / etc. that they have someone else to keep them company. There were a few squeaks and nerves to start but they improved within half an hour of spraying Pet Remedy. They are now very settled in their new home together and best of friends. We have been trialling Pet Remedy at our rescue over the last month and a half. We find that in some cases, ferrets at this time of year can be very hormonal when they first come into the rescue as in season. They have problems adjusting after neutering too. Although the spray will not change any of the behaviour caused by hormonal body changes, it has helped to curb their stress issues in settling in which then in turn makes it easier for them to adjust. We use it in their travel boxes when taking them to the veterinary clinic too. Socialising can be very tricky with ferrets that have never met before. In these cases we have sprayed the socialising areas which has created a relaxing atmosphere to enable ferrets to meet each other without tension. A very useful tool for the rescue kit bag!

Ferret Rescue Surrey 10/20/12 (Facebook)

I met you at the BAHVS meeting. I brought home the little sample spray bottle and have been using it in my exam room and with my very nervous patients awaiting surgery. AMAZING! I’ve had a number of clients order it already and would like to start stocking the diffuser and a few spray bottles in my office.

Shelley R. Epstein, V.M.D.Wilmington Animal Hospital 07/19/13  (Facebook)

Pet Remedy really works. Not only have I seen a change in the behaviour of my dogs, but I have also seen positive effects in my other small animals, namely a groups of 6 male rats. One of the boys was bullying his cage mates so severely that I was about to book him in to be neutered. At the same time I was due to take a very nervous foster dog and purchased a pet remedy diffuser to help settle her in. Not only did it help the dog but the rat in question also stopped bully his cage mates. I work as a canine trainer and behaviourist as well as owning a number of dogs with behavioural problems ranging from anxiety, OCD and autism and I would not be without pet remedy in the house. I also recommend it to many of my clients as it not only helps calm animals but humans as well!

Siobhan Learmouth 05/20/14 (Facebook)

Am loving Pet Remedy! Picked up a few samples yesterday and tried it out today with an unsettled group of ferrets during their intros / playtimes and it calmed them right down! But more importantly used it to spritz the room before I brought in a very traumatised ferret (we have tried bringing him indoors before and he sits in a corner and cowers!) but with the use of Pet Remedy he came out to explore and even went to sleep in the middle of the room! I have very high hopes for this product and will definitely be stocking up. Never seen anything work like this. We’ve tried all sorts with Rocky, but he’s still exploring, even let me stop and take photos and get close to him. I know partly he IS getting better from the handling daily, but this is a HUGE difference over night!

Pamela Weaver 05/05/14 (Facebook)