Natural de-stress & calming solution for pets




Excellent product, works within a couple of minutes. Good price.

Tina Brown 06/10/17 

Being used in a veterinary practice and so far I think this works well

Hayley S 06/09/17 

Half the price of Feliway and works just as well, if not better. Last longer too, provided you use their own plug in – feliway plug ins burn too hot for the product.

Lisa Britton 06/02/17 

We use it on this lady too ! Dentist last week and she almost fell asleep while she was working on her teeth ! Just ordered 5 bottles to give as pressies! this amazing product

Jo Bevan 05/15/17 

Seems to be doing the job and lasts longer than other well known products I like that it’s using a natural oil and not synthetic will buy again

Petals 05/06/17 

This is the most successful, natural pet calming remedy on the market, I can’t praise it and the company enough.

Jules Godwin 05/05/17

Seems to work. I’ve only used it for a couple of days. I tried it because I found that Felway was having no affect.

Melody Ibbett 04/28/17

Excellent, I bought the whole range because I was so impressed with the small spray on my horse that travelled badly and my dogs that USED to fight, really pleased!

Carina Evans 04/01/17 

I have used the spray with my stressy thoroughbred horse that I used to have. I sprayed my legs while riding to a dressage competition as he had been wound up at a previous show. It worked a treat. I have also done the same with my dog to keep him calm while training

Denise Wilkinson 03/18/17 

Me and Manny (my horse) moved to a different yard a few weeks ago, he was an absolute nightmare to turn out as he had to stay in for a week.. the first day he went out was horrible, he was bucking, he kicked me in the leg, he ran into the road, he bit my mums finger and he was just an absolute nightmare. We were slowly but surely getting somewhere with him, but he still freaked out at some things which he wasn’t used to. I bought some pet remedy spray and the atomiser. The atomiser hasn’t yet been put in his stable but I used the spray on myself as he stays really close to me so I knew he’d get the effects. I was a little skeptical as sometimes these things don’t work, but as you can see from the video he was so chilled out. All the things that normally bother him just didn’t he was excited to go out and as soon as I used the spray he was so chilled. Would highly recommend this to ANYONE with a pet that’s stressed or a nightmare. I will 100% be getting some more (really wish I knew about it a few weeks ago)

Gabbi Jeffrey-Carne 03/14/17


I use the spray on my nervous nelly horse and it helps him keep calm and not loose his marbles in stressful situations…highly recommended

 Lissanne Parnell 07/19/17

Hi, we at Rook Farm Rehabilitation and Livery Yard are delighted with Pet Remedy yet again. We have been using it on a hormonal, mare who is difficult to deal with in her stable during the spring and summer months. The conventional injections haven’t had much of an effect in the past but this year Pet Remedy has been tried. We are really pleased. We wipe some on her nose and face when she comes in. Normally she would try and bite, kick and walk around whilst grooming and tacking up. 
With Pet Remedy she is sooooo much better…… No fighting, or taking your life in your hands! She is much calmer and easier to do. Thanks! We keep recommending to all horsey people.

Gaynor Judge 08/14/13 (Facebook)

Had much better results with this than Feliway.

Mr Richard V Cave 01/08/17 

This product is excellent if you need to calm your pets down, works wonders on mine

Dianne Baldwin 01/03/16 

A wonderful product lasts far longer, is cheaper than feliway and far better.

Karyn Vidler 09/24/16

Hi, I just wanted to say how impressed I am with Pet Remedy. I have a 4yr old warmblood who was on box rest after a minor injury. He was becoming incredibly stressed. Then a friend recommended Pet Remedy. It really helped him to keep calm and relaxed during his recovery. Amazing product that I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone!

Charlotte Ward Dressage, British International Dressage Team 04/08/13 (Facebook)

I have a 10 yr old Irish Sports horse mare. Before I tried the Plug-in Pet Remedy, I could not get into her stable without her lunging at me with her teeth or turn her bum on me and try to kick. I would also not be able to put any rugs on or even tack her up. Now she has had it in her stable for just over month now and I am able to go into her stable without any problems, I can pretty much do anything to her whilst in the stable, there might be the off day, but when that happens it is nothing like it used to be. Now I have found something that works I will use it all the time as it has proven that it works.

Mrs K J (Head Groom) Exeter Newhall Equestrian Centre   10/23/12 (Facebook)

I sprayed some on my coat sleeves in the evening when I went to get the two horses in – both are half-bred chestnut mares, who were cold, bored and wound up by the wind (despite rugs – it’s May after all!).
Both the girls were on their toes, crowding the gate to come in for supper, and to make matters worse the silage gang had arrived so large machines were charging up and down the track we had to cross.
Normally there is an amount of ‘pushy’ behaviour from the new loanee, so I was anticipating having to hang on to her! Am delighted to report that both girls dropped their heads for their headcollars, stood politely as I opened the gate, and walked in an exemplary fashion back to the yard. Seriously impressed now! Great product, well done.

Chris and Susi Batstone 05/30/13  (Facebook)

I used the spray on a horse, Dolly, who had had a traumatic journey a couple of weeks ago with her friends. This time the jouney was with a horse she was unfamiliar with and which was only doing half the journey with her. Dolly was travelling for approx 3 hours and just called a bit and barely broke into a sweat. Previously she kicked, sweated and was generally very stressed and that was with her friends, one of which she had been with for 10 years. I sprayed my glove then wiped her nose with it. Initially she was not keen on the smell but then chilled. (someone asked me if I had sedated her). I also sprayed some rag and tied it to her tie ring. The only times she moved about was when I stopped and switched off the engine. Pet Remedy did a fantastic job. Thanks!

Gaynor Judge  04/19/12  (Facebook)

Amazing!!! I used it on my highly strung, nervous and stressy mare before we went for our ride and she was transformed!!! It was the calmest stress free ride we have had for a long time. I will be recommending this to my horsey friends!!!!

Liz Jones 05/02/12  (Facebook)