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Anxiety in pets is a common issue we encounter in the veterinary community, especially with dogs and cats that have have been re-homed in rescue situations.  As a non-pharmaceutical approach to dealing with anxiety Pet Remedy is an effective and effortless step to helping calm stressed dogs and cats.  When Pet Remedy is used along side with a positive reinforcement training protocol for long term anxiety issues, Pet Remedy is almost a “no brainer” to incorporate into your pet’s routine. Dr Truitt


Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. We recently adopted 2 dogs from Spain and one of them has really bad separation anxiety. She has been going crazy when left and being very destructive. A vet nurse I know recommended your pet remedy spray. This morning I picked up one of your diffusers with the mini spray. We had to go out this afternoon so we left 3 of the dogs in the lounge and coco (the one with SA) in a dog crate in the same room. We plugged in the diffuser and sprayed her crate mat. To our surprise she happily went in and settled and when we got home not only was she happy and relaxed but the other 3 were chilled out aswell. A 100% improvement.
Cheryl Kerry 10/10/14

I recently bought an 8 week old Dalmatian puppy. She is adorable but on her first night home she whined very loudly when I put her in her bed. I plugged in Pet Remedy and sprayed her bedding. She was instantly attracted to the scent on her bedding and within minutes was chilling quietly. I have used it every night and she has slept perfectly. Pet Remedy has made her transition to my home so easy. It’s a great product thank you!
Nikki Griffiths 25/09/14

I have recently tried Pet Remedy for my 3 year old Basset Hound. She get very anxious when I leave her and when I moved house last year just so stressed. I have just moved house again and used the plug in, what a difference, calmer, not shaking if I leave and just seems a lot more content and happy. I was a little cynical about the success of this product but I really don’t think it’s just coincidence, It has made such a difference, happy days 🙂
Joanne Freeman 12/09/14

I have two dogs, brother and sister, who are the world’s greatest anxiety separation artists. Much loved but very frustrating to live with. I have now been using this product for the last six weeks and it has been quite dramatic the difference it has made. Live is now enjoyable. I realise all dogs are different, but this has definitely worked for mine. Pamela Richardson 07/08/14

We are currently experiencing a thunderstorm and my rottweiler got very stressed-pacing and crying. I have just sprayed Pet Remedy onto a bandana and popped it on him, he’s now laid down and starting to relax! Very impressed so far-thank you for a great product! Colette Rudland 28/06/14

A fantastic product. We use this with all our rescue Danes that come in. One was completely out of control he would jump up at people run around the house jumping on tables and never settle. Used the plug in and that night he slept in his crate feet up in the air and never moved. We couldn’t believe it. When he went to his new home we advised them to get the plug in and they did and still use it today resulting in a very calm Dane. We have used it for nervous Danes and seen an amazing result with them also. We recommend all our potential new adoptees to buy Pet Remedy.
 We even recommended it to a lot of people at Crufts. One Dane who was very interested in all the girls around him and wouldn’t settle in his stall we sprayed with the small travel Pet Remedy and within an hour he was happily settled laying down in his stall his owner was shocked and has continued to use the pet remedy spray with all the shows he goes to. 
All in all a fantastic product which we would highly recommend to people.
Zoe Williams 29/03/2014

My 6 month old Vizsla has just had a total hip replacement after fracturing her femoral head. She has a Pet Remedy diffuser in her ‘den’ and a pet remedy spray for everywhere else after being introduced to it at BSAVA. THANK YOU – I know it’s helping to keep her stress, anxiety and sheer puppy like excitability under control.
Nikki Randles 10/05/2014 (Facebook)

I did not belive this product would work but as a last resort to calm down our very naughty Pug we purchased a plug-in and the difference in him is amazing. He even sleeps in the bed we got him as a pup, he’s not following me everywhere and is quite content dozing in style in a different room….first time ever. If I go out without him the “protest-pees” have stopped. Thank you.
Mary Smith 22/02/2014

This is a long overdue praise of both the product and the company itself. I have a rescue Greyhound who suffered horribly from separation anxiety and he would stress himself out silly when we left. I had previously used another diffuser and even after a month saw little difference so it was a big shock that within a week on this product that he settled down happily and a big bonus that it works on all the animals so no need to buy different ones for the dog and cat if you had both. Also worked wonders for the puppy.
Becky Collins 02/12/13

Our Chi pup Oscar has been a terrible sleeper and wakes in the night for attention. Usually we have to bring him up with us as he doesn’t stop barking. I bought Pet Remedy spray on Sunday from a pet shop and sprayed it on his blankets and left him downstairs for the night. I couldn’t believe the improvement, he woke at 2am and he let out a little bark but it was a much calmer bark and it was only once so i shouted down to him “go back in bed Oscar” and he did! We didn’t hear a peep until i woke up at 8am and that has never happened! So pleased vie found this product and will be buying the diffuser.
Emma Bailey 26/11/13

I bought my first bottle of Pet Remedy last week to try with one of my rescue dogs who is a total sweetheart but can be extremely anxious and also gets over-excited and bouncy really quickly. I’ve sprayed a little on his bed and also onto my hands before stroking it gently over his neck and shoulders. I have to say I’m really impressed and it helps him to settle almost immediately. I’ll definitely be getting more, thank you!
Jo Hanlon-Moores 02/10/13

The very best result I have seen in the last month is Eddie the Staffie he cries and whines every time he sees the car that is even before he gets into the thing, spray his collar and his blanket and he is as quiet as can be, mum Pat uses the plug in at home the spray in the car and on his blankets when he is traveling and on her clothes when she goes to the vet, Eddie is such a super star, he came to me as an aggressor, he has now passed Bronze, Silver and Gold KCGCDS and he works in a group of dogs off lead no trouble at all.
Animal Behaviour Centre, Manchester 05/8/13

Tried out Pet Remedy Spray and Diffuser on my very enxious pooch and I have to say I was very surprised at how calm she is now. Whereas she would always follow me about the house she is quite happy to chill out on her bed by the difuser and chill for a while. I also took her to her first ever fun dog show in which she entered 3 classes in total. She was still a little nervous but she naturally is anyway, but using the travel mini spray she was brilliant! I was so chuffed with her and how she took the event as it was very busy. She usually salivates excessively when in those types of situations but not a drop on her! Brilliant product will always be buying more in the future. Thanks ever so much for such a wonderful product.
Sammy Thornby 12/05/13

I bought the plug in at Crufts. I wasn’t sure at first but I am pleased with the product. I have a boisterous border collie puppy who since I have started using the plug in has calmed down a great deal. I can tell when I have forgotten to move it from her sleeping quarters to the living room as she reverts back to being over playful and destructive.
Elizabeth Standford 12/03/12

I have 2 female dogs I bred the first one every thing went well 5 lovely pups but then the second dog get so stressed out about not being with her and she lost all the fur on the torso (body /back only) so purchased the pet remedy and so far she seems more relaxed and has started to regrow her fur, she still looks like a bog brush but I am so pleased with how by just plugging in this pet remedy that I will stay with this now.
Mrs J Fuller 26/02/13

Been using Pet Remedy with fantastic results for a few months now for our dog Millie. A couple of days ago she went back to being extremely stressed and not wanting to be away from us at all. We couldn’t understand it, we’d had a quiet Christmas so nothing different there, after a day and a half of it we just happened to look at the plug in and it was empty!!!!!!! We quickly put in a new refill and within hours she was back to be all calm again. Can’t believe how stupid we were as we always change it every 5-6 weeks.

Anna Laurence 02/01/13

We’ve got one for our dog. He was a rescue and has bad separation anxiety. We would come home to find all manner of things chewed up and he follows us everywhere. Since using the plug in nothing has been chewed and he’s not so much of a shadow. Sadly, we’ve run out and I haven’t got the refills through yet so he’s back to following us, but not chewing… Phew! I’ve recommended it to everybody 🙂

Pollyanna Narna-Hutton Moore  23/11/12

I have been struggling over the past year or so with a dog who kept us awake most of the night, constantly turning, digging, banging the radiators as he rolled back and forth on his back, in other words would or could not settle, she wondered if your product might help knowing how I had tried, DAP, Calmex , Piriton and several things that my vet had suggested even night lights, in case he didn’t like the dark – by this time I would have tried anything! We had really had enough and had run out of ideas. A friend told me about your product as she knew that we were more or less at the end of our tether and extremely tired. I rang Martyn and explained the problem we were having last week. I bought 2 plug ins and a large spray which arrived very quickly. THIS REALLY WORKS we have had quieter nights, in fact each night is better than the night before, and last night we were not disturbed once – I did check this morning to see if he was still alive!! We are all now sleeping so your remedy has helped us out as well, again THANK YOU.

Rona Whiteway 15/10/12

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