Natural de-stress & calming solution for pets

Pet Remedy Film


For most of us, pets are an extension of our family. Just like us, individual pets react differently to the stresses of everyday life. Pet Remedy is a solution to this problem, a natural and unique low concentration Valerian based blend of essential oils, in order to help calm, rather than sedate.

Pet Remedy has been developed and trialled with the help of an experienced team of vet, psychiatrist, behaviourist and several vet nurses. Pet Remedy is a natural de-stress and calming product, and will help all mammals and birds. Valerian actives, mimic our own pets’ natural calming mechanisms, offering a safe, gentle and natural way to help reduce stress and help them become more attentive and receptive. It’s versatility means Pet Remedy can be used to assist in many all year round situations, including calming travel anxious pets, noise phobias such as fireworks, separation anxiety, home alone, helping reduce stress for kennel and cattery stays, settling pets into a new home, settling stressed horses, calming rabbits or guinea pigs, or even parrots for nail trimming, or simply to help any pet get to the vet.

Pet Remedy can be applied from a plug-in diffuser or calming spray, the plug-in diffuser offers constant slow release of actives in the surrounding area, that will last up to 8 weeks and is very gentle on the metabolism – this is one of the reasons it works so well.

Pet Remedy calming sprays are water based, pH neutral and also very easy to use. Simply spray a little on bedding or bandana. You can even spray on your trouser leg when out walking an anxious dog, and simply bring to heel to take in the actives whe you anticipate a stressful situation.

Pet Remedy is available from your local vet or pet store, and from many other stockists, such as rescue centres, groomers, behaviourists and trainers.