Natural de-stress & calming solution for pets


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help answer any queries you may have surrounding Pet Remedy, including ingredients, signs of stress and behaviourial changes in your pet, however please contact us if your question is not listed below.

How does Pet Remedy work?

Pet Remedy works alongside the brain’s natural ‘messengers’ called neurotransmitters, which work by telling the nerve receiving the message either to calm (via GABA pathway) or get ‘fired up’. In times of stress of anziety the nerves get over stimulated, which leads on to many symptoms we see in our stressed pets.

What are the ingredients in Pet Remedy?

Pet Remedy is made up of Valerian, Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Spanish Sage.

How is Pet Remedy different from other calming products?

Pet Remedy is 100% natural and unlike other calming products, can be used for all mammals and birds, making it the ideal solution for households with more than one animal.

Is Pet Remedy natural?

Yes! Pet Remedy is 100% natural and clinically proven to calm pets without sedating.

Is Pet Remedy safe for all pets?

Yes! Pet Remedy is 100% safe for all mammals and birds, including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, parrots and horses.

How long does the plug-in diffuser last?

The Pet Remedy calming plug-in diffuser lasts for up to 8 weeks.

Does Pet Remedy have a scent?

Pet Remedy gives off a subtle and pleasant calming herbal aroma, which will be enjoyed by all household pets.

How long will it take for Pet Remedy to start working?

Pet Remedy starts to work immediately, so you can plug it in or use the spray as soon as your pet becomes anxious or is exposed to a stressful situation.

How do I know if my pet is stressed?

Signs of stress include spraying/soiling, over grooming, lack of interaction, loss of appetite, scratching and aggression.

What kind of things can trigger stress for my pet?

Stress can be triggered by a number of things, including separation, fireworks, travel, a new pet in the home, loud noises, vet visits, loss of companion, change in routine and many more!

Which plug will be supplied with the plug-in diffuser?

We supply Pet Remedy to America and Canada and all plug-in diffusers will come with a 2-pin US plug.

How will I know when the diffuser has ran out?

Each plug has an indicator light. When the diffuser is plugged in and working the light will be illuminated, when the diffuser is running low it will flicker, and once it runs out the light will not show.

Will I have to purchase a new plug each time it runs out?

No, we offer Pet Remedy diffuser refill packs. Simply unscrew the empty bottle and replace with a new one. We do, however, recommend that you replace the plug once every 4 refills.