Natural de-stress & calming solution for pets


Pet Remedy is the only natural solution to stress & anxiety in all household pets.  Pet Remedy starts to work almost straightaway, covers a larger square footage and lasts longer than other calming products.

“Great item, really works recently got 3 new cats and one was really stressed and kept hissing soon as this was plugged in, he calmed down and we have a happy kitty house.” Jane, CA


Pet Remedy – in a nutshell!

  • Natural
  • Starts to help instantly
  • Cross species – no need to buy one per pet
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol
  • Covers a larger area and lasts longer than other calming products
  • Cost-effective

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Why Pet Remedy?

Pet Remedy is a natural calming product which works across all pets. It lasts longer, covers a larger area and is more cost-effective than other products.  Being cross species, you won’t need to buy one calming product for each pet. It comes in the form of a plug-in diffuser and sprays. The calming sprays (200ml or 15ml) can be sprayed on yourself, your pet, their coat or in your pets’ general daily environment.

How and where?

Pet Remedy can be used across all household pets for example horses’ muzzles, necks/halters.  If you have a stressed pet at home, Pet Remedy calming sprays and plug-in diffuser can help your pets calm down instantly.

Pet Remedy is made in the United Kingdom using the best quality blend of herbal essential oils, valerian, sweet basil, sage and vetiver.

Where can I buy Pet Remedy?

You can buy Pet Remedy from your local pet shop, find your nearest store here. Alternatively, you can order online directly from us.  The product is very much a household name in the UK and European market and is gathering pace within the US and Canadian market. 

For retailers: Pet Remedy is available through independent and big box retailers across North America and Canada. We sell into a handful of select distribution partners so stores can easily reach out to their supplier or alternatively can ask us to supply directly.  If you have no luck from your distributor, send us a quick email (with store location and details) and we will be in touch with your local distributor. 

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